Winter night

"When violet eyes get brighter, and heavy wings grow lighter" - Owl City

That's all my world was about. It was the only existence in my darkened universe, the nebula in the stained heavens. You brought colour into my mundane lifestyle, the light in my darkness and the music to my silence.

Then the music stopped.
Times and memories and photographs smoldering on my dressing table are the only fragments left behind--simple ashes are not enough. Ashes and dust of my heart, broken and wavering: a flame likely to extinguish. 

This mediocre existence is a fight every passing hour and minute and second and each moment I spend thinking of you, a butterfly is born. I miss you, like a girl abandoned by her mother.. oh by god I miss you. But i'm tired of drowning in butterflies every night, silence being my only cry for help.

Don't disappear from my sight. 
You're still here, still an existence in my life. A tiny flame compared to the roaring light of hope you were before. But you haven't gone out yet, and you. Gentle flame.
You're still in my heart. 
(and maybe you still burn-- just a little)

" And I'll forget the world that I knew, but I swear I won't forget you..." - Owl City

No darling,
I'll never forget the butterflies..

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