pictures of you, pictures of me
hung upon your wall for the world to see
pictures of you, pictures of me
remind us all of what we used to be

They said that a camera can capture your soul,
could it capture emotions too?
Smiling faces, crying faces, faces bright with the glow of being in love.
Fleeting emotions, just seconds to fly past, can they capture that?
Can photos hold and protect emotions like a treasure chest holds and protects gold?

If cameras can capture the soul,
If cameras can capture the heart,
If cameras can capture feelings,

and lay all these feelings down in a thousand of photographs,
Then I'd like to just lie with the thousand of photographs,
so that my own feelings can be captured and taken away.

A doll isn't supposed to feel anyway.


  1. Hmm, well, if you're referring to the most recent post, then I didn't really put much thought into the content. They're mostly phrases I thought of when I had this certain idea and this certain person in mind. (Which is why, since I paid no attention to the elements that a true poem should have, I refuse to call it a poem.)

    Thank you, though, for your compliment.

    I see you've just started out your blog?

  2. Was that last message cut? (It seems like it, anyway - or maybe I just have no idea what gd means.)

    Also, I forgot to tell you in my other reply that I like your URL. Mine's extremely uncreative (which makes it so easy for people who know me personally to stalk my blog, which consequently pushed me to create a termination date for my blog, which will be around December).


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