you're the flatline I fear the most,
the one existence that causes everything to cease working,
the one to make my heart degenerate over and over again.

Why can't I stop thinking of you?
It's almost killing me.


But she is.

She's an artist, he says,
looking at the world through the eyes of a painter.
What a sad, sad world it is--
so she tries to fill it with colour
but she can't seem to keep within the lines.



he speaks in riddles and
she's tired of solving problems
that others plant in her hair
like daisies in a field

" stop it "

she whispers to the silence
darkness engulfing her prayers
and spitting out her nightmares.


Letter 07: Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush

Dear You,
beautiful, cruel you,

I used to love the idea of you,
your fingers tangled in mine,
soft lips pressing to the curve of my throat,
whispering how you wanted me.

Then you took my black marker
and dotted a short line down my sternum
guidelines, you'd said, to take my heart
and then laughed, kissing me.

Who knew that a few weeks later,
you did exactly that
and left me broken.