Maiden's Bay.

she lashes out at the tides,
ocean eyes drying up in their cracks,
tears dragging themselves away from the edge,
where fluttering eyelashes tear at the wind

it's hard to cry,
she had always said,
with the clumsy wind in your eyes



She's tired of your lies.

forgive me love
forgive me, forgive him, forgive us but--
champagne flutes stopped singing love songs
our soundtrack faded into overcast silence long ago
(and that broken red radio needs to go)

it was the only musical warmth you offered me.


She cries again tonight.

I crawl underneath the opaque luminescent canvas stretched over your wrist
you caress with glorified secrets, scarlet lines tangled like telephone wires
communication never works one way honey
A   N   D
neither does love


Fragmented dreams.

I capture flickering shadows
and hang them above my heart
smiles withering like broken flowers
eyes haunted by the eclipsing sun

"a storm is coming"


Lips sweeter than honey.

your smile hangs over me like the december mist
i feel something bloom inside my barren heart

temptation beckons to me with a sultry smile
I push down my glass walls and roll out the welcome mat
[" please, come in, make yourself at home "]

sometimes i look into my reflection and whisper,
"stupid, stupid girl."


He wasn't a conformist and
he didn't want to understand art,
(his colours never stay inside the lines)
but he understands me.

he can feel when I'm breaking,
jagged cracks running down my heart,
eyes wrestling to hold back
pools and oceans. 

he knows that i never cry,
e v e r
except for him.



i'll waste away saturday nights with
insights into how cavalier I used to be;
that instant, perfect moment of insanity,
echoing with silent apathy,

i close my eyes
and the world fades away.


Skies of love.

none but the heavens see my desires
strung together into one hypnotic melody
i wonder if the cherubims will sing tonight.

Amare sine timore


Butterfly Kisses

Diamonds glimmer behind veiled lashes,
 flutterflutterflutter on by
sketching constellations in my eyes

[ "stella" ] you whisper under your breath

press your love against my lips,
and i'll press my wishes against your heart.


Spring is ending.

. f r a g i l e .
i am her and she is
[ m e ]

and soon my existence
will wilt
like summer flowers.

Author's note: mini collab with juniper

Scarlet Serpents.

scarlet trickles through ashen layers
paving a story through milky grooves
she smiles at the serpent coiled around her wrist
and whispers hymns to it lovingly

[ help me ]

fingers stain iced-glass
i scream her name but no reply
I watch the snake grow in size, 
poison electric blue in her veins.

I want to reach and brush her face,
wipe her tears and call her name...

but i can only watch, i can only watch,
i can only cry.

(Yes X, this is for you)