I never planned on falling in love with him, or to use him to fill up the vast emptiness inside my heart. I was only hoping that a part of me could be healed if I could put him back together.

Love came later--much later and only after I knew about his passion for art--and in the flash of summer heat, I found myself always setting the dinner table with two plates and two wine glasses.


Fear is believing.

it's a long way down, she said
so jump and fall, he said
but i'm afraid, she said
i'll catch you, he said
but I'll break, she said
that's okay, he said

because it means that you're still human.



i want to get out of here to melt into the wall
like lavender candle-wax flickering and sinking into cold concrete
your fingers feel like caresses and i love every swirl beneath them

did you know darling, that without you here summer feels like 
winter and winter feels even colder


Autumn love.

before autumn leaves smoke themselves dry 
tell me how long you're going to 
love me for


Lock my heart.

My diary is full of you
scribbles, letters, curling with your name
and my pen is getting tired of the commas

because i'm too afraid to put a full stop.