For I am unwanted.

like a rose
you grow
 entwine around my ribs
and crawl up my sternum
to wrap tightly around my heart
intoxicate me with your scent
poison me with your beauty
and stab me with your thorns
dripping with burning sin

and i nestle
like a weed
in between your leaves
to find the soothing shade i crave
and seek your delicious poison
feed on our sins
like the desperate tormentor i am
useless and dangerous
green with envy

holding on
like a lifeline


Because I am autumn.

autumn leaves tremble under your fingertips

and they b r e a k
falling and fading into


but in your arms i am something


maybe I don't mind


My love, I fly.

Because in my dreams I can fly
so I fly to you, amor meus
[ my love ]
beating hard with charred wings
i hold on to the unforgiving wind, ardor meus
[ my passion]
the shackles are burning reality into my ankles, 
but i keep running--i run to you, vita mea
[ my life ]
over oceans of broken glass i may fall
but i will fly, to you

Aevum, amor meus
[ forever, my love ]



i love you
in the way that i don't understand
i don't love you in the way others love you
but i do love you the way i love certain things

i love you as beauty is to be loved
in kind words, kind eyes, kind lips
there is beauty in your kindness
that i love

i love you as secrets are to be loved
in the shadows, corners, darkness of the soul
there are mysteries in your whispers
that i love

and i love you as lovers are to be loved
in whispers, sighs and pleasure
there is contentment in your warmth
that i love

but truthfully
i don't understand how to love
not in the way you love me
but in the way i love you

that i do, love.



it hurts
and every kiss, planting roses, you press
down the roads of my neck
leave me b r e a t h l e s s

and you're my aphrodisiac
all glorious nectar clinging to thirsty tongues
and i drink in you,
as you drink in me

and drain my innocence
like blood.
leaving me empty, empty, empty,
and nothing but roses to hold onto.


Empty hands.

calm your stormy heart
and pull together the stitches
that held apart the dreams so painful
this glass-heart you hold in trembling hands
you can't dream because you have lost
calm dreams won't return to stormy hearts
and cease those dreamless nights

let the ashes of your heart
rise to meet the salty foams
that wash away your tearful sighs
and let your lips meet his ocean eyes
then kiss the crossroads on his brow
and tread along that dusty road
leave footprints on his
sullen heart

and let the waves
wash hers behind


For stars can't hide your smiles

pluck me, for i'm simply strung, 
all string and heartstring for you to cut across
with sickly sweetened words and soothing tones
leave me voiceless, action-less,
[ yet so much more ]
Phosphenes dances across deserts
and crash-lands in your eyes
and you're in every one of my dreams
" kiss me goodnight "

it's not possible to love you more than now
and forever


I love you as dark things are to be loved...

Te amo como se aman ciertas cosa oscuras,  secretamente, entre la sombra y el alma.
And sometimes it gets hard to breathe around you, when your fingers trace letters into the palm of my hands and your eyes whisper tantalizing secrets into my heart. When your warm breath plays around my earlobes and your chest thumping love into my back. My body you say, my curves are beautiful but what I find most beautiful are your artists' fingers -- softening the harsh edges of my being. Melting my demeanor into nothing but shadow, satin and water, child's play for you.

Break me, for I'm yours.