Moments glimpse.

It's as though you're drowning--like the sounds of the world are muffled and you can only hear the sound of your beating, pathetically beating, heart. Each thump gets louder and louder and you let the little lights swarm around you like fireflies.

Someone walks by and you look at them, waiting for that usual curious glance and then the familiar image of their back as they walk away. You are invisible to everyone around you anyway. 
But no
A hand is extended, a word is exchanged and he asks you if you're okay.

You hesitate.
"I'm fine,"

He pauses for a bit, blue eyes studying your own dull, chestnut ones and then nods-- his lips curving up shyly before walking down the hallway and out of your life forever. 
You watch him leave as your heart beats again; as though that single moment of acknowledgement, that single smile of acceptance offered to you, that single second where you're not that i n v i s i b l e anymore, well, it feels... almost good.

Thank you stranger, for your therapeutic smile

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