Not an artist.

If someone gave me a paintbrush and told 
me to paint my feelings onto a canvas,
i'd choose to paint the stars and the northern lights 
because I could never capture your smile the 
way you capture me and the stars are the 
closest thing to how bright you are

so don't burn out, not yet.


Ghost of you

Was i waiting for the whispers
echoes of your name rolling down starched lips
cracked, dried blood (i can feel you seeping 
into my pores) wedges in between
forcing them apart, but I was never really 
together anyway(?)

Dust motes are my only 
lovers at this time of night,
and you're fading.


Two different things.

You are like water and i am oil
Sometimes I would forget your existence
and instead chase after sober dreams, mere fragments
of thoughts and realities spun into a complex narrative
befitting for a true prince and princess of fairytales
we're forever apart
yet so perfectly together


Even if.

And even if forever was never,
i'd like to spend them in your arms,
even if forever was never, really, truly



I suppose

It's a new year, which means a new face, a new voice, a new attitude, a new life, a new me.
A new me, with the same old-and-broken-but-clumsily-fixed-together-heart