Falling down.

Just a split second and all is lost.
The light in the eyes gives way to darkness, 
the sound of the voice gives way to silence,
the warmth of the body gives way to icy cold.
And then you're gone.

But the light returns to your eyes,
the sounds return in ways of song,
the warmth of the body to the skies,
and you're finally not alone.

Deaths scare me.
It's frightening to know that in a few moments, the rosy hue on the cheeks turn pale and the life you had, the life you breathed is gone just like that. I'm afraid of death. I only hope that when he comes and sucks my soul away, I go with a smile--willingly. Because that means that'd i'd have done everything I really wanted in my life, and I have no regrets.

In remembrance to someone who has died recently.

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