Midnight fears.

"no, don't go!" she cried emptily, her neptune eyes brimming with oceans of sorrow. "please don't go yet, i have so much more to give you, so much more to say!" her scars of loneliness caves down her arms and circles around her heart, beating in time with the tears pulsating down her jaw. She throws her head into comforting warmth and soothes her throbbing head with gentle caresses but her chest, her chest wouldn't stop breaking in two.

The walls were silent.


Sweet Serenity

and an echoing calmness envelops us in the sky tonight, wrapping around us is every star and every nebula of cloudy dreams. to lie with you in this moment, we cling to the heavens where meteors dash across the sky and across your lovely eyes. To entangle myself within you is to feel heartbeats vibrating through my fingertips. I want you more than the skies and the oceans and you're enchanting but you're real and in this moment I can touch infinite happiness. we are infinite. we are forever.


No more journeys.

i'm just tired of looking down an empty road
leaving footprints in scattered greying dust
walking along yellow borderlines
between the truth and lies
and dodging the accusing traffic lights


because you can see.

i run into your arms
and i fall into your eyes
drown in your multitude of frozen dreams
wild desires, and bitter lies.

your kisses spread like wildfire,
and the ocean pools in those eyes,
those heaven-sent illusory celestial orbs
that see me through, right through my disguise.

d o n ' t . l o o k . a t . m e


breathless realization.

and you're the lunar eclipse i burn midnight oil for
because your light sears my fingertips and my lips
with promises of love, lust, beautiful lies
you whisper seductive dreams into my heart
and press butterfly kisses on every broken wall.
can i trust you?

[  s t e a l   m y   h e a r t   a w a y  ]

you show me visions of long summer days
where you hold me and waltz to the singing winds
songs of sorrow, songs of love, songs of tomorrow
and of what could have been if you-
if you hadn't been tempted to kiss her too-

and yet,
i still love you
i forgive you

[ b  r  o  k  e  n]

but what is love to a moon who only hides in shadow
and eclipses from my reaching fingertips
do you love me?


She falls too quickly.

she falls too quickly
because falling is all she's ever known
and to fall is to learn how to crawl back up
until bloodied knees and blooded hearts
bleed no longer.

the haze of a mans' love
has long ago dissipated with cold, cruel cutting wind
r  e  j  e  c  t  i  o  n
for such hallucinations can only be stopped
by the medicine of his heavenly kisses
f  a  l  s  e  h  o  p  e
and as drying autumn leaves fall
she shall fall too

she falls too quickly
because falling is all she's ever known
and to fall, to be picked up, to be held,
actually frightens her just that little bit,
because falling in love with him
doesn't hurt.

"i'm scared..."

dedicated to my mate Bethany

i hate friends with benefits.


despicable, disgusting, flirtatious you.
if you asked me if i'd do it all over again, 
i'd reply with a resounding "yes"

just to remember what it was that drew me to you
in the first place, what made me fall so hard,
and to tell myself that it's not worth it

because you
took the pieces of me and scattered them
across the soothing oceans

and now when i'm broken once again
you offer to pick me up from the unforgiving waves
and offer your sinful lips to heal my wounds

if you asked me if i'd do it all over again
i'd reply with a fearful "no"
because you've already dirtied me.