Cliche's aside,
you are my heroin
all powdery and broken and i'm 
a d d i c t e d
to your bowed head and sad smiles
breathe you in and let you rest
in the aching cavern 
between my 
r i b s


Midnight talks.

your nails rake days into my skin
marks of imprisonment in blotched red
scratches of a prisoner on stony walls
lines crossing with every touch
i'm a patchwork of need and you're what pulled me apart
shred my mask of pure intentions
sink me into velvet pleasures
drown me in your lips
where my name is lost

in the crevice between your ribs


He is temptation.

it's torture every time our eyes meet
my ribs contract and my breath evapourates
and i dream of the way your hands wander on my skin
sketching constellations with your fingertips
lips laced with heroine, tongue full of addiction

you're a sinner baby
thank god i'm a sinner too
you don't know what you're doing to me.


Sometimes I think.

and she longed to know if
in his mind, she was the only constant source
of late-night conversations and broken hearts
and if his voice

could still make fireworks go off
even in silence