Smiling is the best revenge

They whisper and glance back, their eyes studying her every movements
Scrutinizing, piercing, excruciating

She could only hear faint, patronizing murmurs but in her mind she can hear their voices echoing loud (so loud that it's almost painful)

"she's so stupid,"
"she thinks she's all that,"

the voices fade away just ever so s l i g h t l y
they turn to look at her again
their eyes meet and she stares back--eyes burning with golden, undefeated fire,

they turn back to whisper poison into each others ears and the voices start up once more inside her mind,

"just look at her pretending to be so cool,"

They turn around once more, hoping this time she isn't watching.
But she is--

She smiles.

--she's always watching, waiting, listening...



  1. I just love this topic (insecurity, mostly, and even though I understand that isn't the main focus, there're still hints) because it's just so interesting to write (and read) about.

    Oh, it's not really the blog name that I dislike; it's the blog URL (which, you might have noticed, is obviously just my name).

    Wow, that was a lot of messages. (Sorry about that. It's just that the layout I chose doesn't have comment forms, and I'm too lazy to edit the code to put them back. Also, it makes me feel like I'm not obligating anyone to comment if they really don't feel like it in the first place.)

    Haha, I'm sure nobody depends on my blog that much. It's not exactly very amazing, or the kind of site that gives you hope to carry on with your life. Still, I appreciate the kind compliment.

    Kyaaa, I can't believe you don't have any followers yet. *shall be the first*

  2. Well, I guess I got used to it, since I write and all, and school has taught me to be critical when I analyze literature. (Of course, that doesn't mean I don't take the time to stop being overly analytical and just appreciate the words as they are.)

    Haha, don't worry, I get things from your perspective, too. Mostly because I know a lot of huggers, and because I tend to analyze people a lot. :P

    I can't believe you actually read through all of that, though.


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