What more do you want from me.

i take your words and run them down my face
every punctuation drawing rivers on my skin
you kiss the bruises sprinkled along my arm
like newly born stars--one wish per day

[there's a nebulla of expectations in my heart
a n d
i'm running out of space]

I suffered for you,
is that not enough?


  1. beautiful. i get a sense of addiction and cutting. love is that way sometimes.
    I wanted to tell you i deleted my button poem and with it the comments just so youd know. i delete about 10 % of my writing...that may go higher lol, but i hope it stays around there :)

  2. oh, dear... you are most beautiful.

  3. Rivercat: i would do that. Id love to do that. But juniper would murder me. Sometimes its best to look back and see what you write so you can improve or draw more inspiration.
    Haze: so are you <3


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