Picnic in the sky.

you're [ s t a r l i g h t ] & [ s t a r d u s t ]
& even if you were nothing you'd still be everything to me
the celestials surrender to your radiance
and leave teardrops in my hair

you're beautiful when you speak
"Alyssum "--you whispered,
replacing the petals on my cheeks with your lips.

i'm in sheer rapture, disorientated, but,
[ - let's get lost together - ]
i can find home mapped in your effervescent eyes


  1. and yay for references to flowers.
    and maps and the night sky. :D

    cos that's how we roooolll.

    if you can't tell, i lovee this. x

  2. ...let's get lost together

    this makes me feel like i'm on another planet... darling, this is so so so beautiful.

  3. Juniper: Hahaha :) Thanks babes.
    Haze: Aw please :( You compliment me too much. Your writing is so much mroe beautiful. Thank you <3


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