[ m o n o l o g u e ]

and one'd think that maybe,
maybe, if i find that other half who's made for me
and i confess to him all my secrets, all my problems, 
everything in my life that went wrong, all my dreams,
all my ambitions, all my of my soul,
he'd emphathize with me. 
Then maybe that empathy will change into care, 
then transform into love.

"But then he'd probably realize that you're broken.  
And then he's find another girl, who's not broken. 
He'd find another girl who is perfect, just like him 
and maybe even better than him, but definitely, 
definitely more whole than you are. 
And he'd realize that she comes without problems, 
and he can just love her for just being whole 
and he'd leave you, imperfect and broken."

...but maybe, just maybe,
we could be imperfect together.


  1. oh this is endlessly sweet!

    we could be imperfect together.

    -i like that :)

  2. i love everything you write. being in love is so much about what the two people are going through at the time, yes. but the magic is just the realization without the other stuff.
    This is why i think people can stay together as often as the do. The things you speak of is the water moving and the sun and planets, the other thing is the whole universe and how it began imo <3

  3. oh yeah, and the sun and planets are pretty important...without them the universe would kind of be a giant nothing


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