Tarot Cards.

I met this girl once,
said she could read my future,
and I saw stars in her eyes.

"thanks, but it's alright, 
i'll shape my own future."


  1. I like this because it reminds me Im kind of prone to watching life pass by me. I would actually like to go to a reader jut to see what theyd say.

  2. i met this girl, once, too. she told me she could read our future and that it was happy. then, she broke me into a thousand pieces with nothing but her smile.

    she still reads tarot cards.
    and i'm still not happy.

    [people say i sound like i fell in love with her. i didn't. but, i think i could have, maybe.]

    anyways, i love this. :)

  3. Rivercat: They can say the craziest things really.
    Juniper: Maybe, until he came along :)


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