They gave her perfectly sculptured legs,
and taught her how to walk
in their way,
in a way,
they taught her how not to walk,
but rather how to      
r        u        n

yet they kept her from running
"my legs hurt, can i stop now?"

there's a cra ck in her mask
and a hole in her perfectly sculptured heart
stitched together with expectations
"i didn't even know I had one"


  1. i really like this. i remember years ago being so insecure i actually felt i didnt know how to walk normally... thats not good! <3
    confession #2: i dont know what the 'strike out' is actually used for. is there a use besides for poems?

  2. Aw thank you. I actually dislike this piece. :( It doesnt convey my emotions fully but meh. ahahahha strikeout.. I think it's like when you write, it's the first thought, and later removed. It kind of highlights mistakes that are purposely left there for hidden messages :)


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