She is.

She's b e a u t i f u l,
illustrative strings of librettos waltz on starched paper
from underneath chapped lips and ink-stained fingertips
she passes time counting the caress of the second hand
eyes as empty as the broken glass-face.

a name is sighed,
and suddenly mud-dull eyes become burnt sienna:
love, fire, flames of desire sear at her irises
melt a hole in her icy walls and suddenly,
Pièce de Résistance is rekindled.

i stare at her script,
and i become green-eyed
[ she is everything i'm not and everything i wanted to be ]

* Dedicated to Juniper, my dear friend.


  1. auifhjaesdfn,msadgads.

    my god, i love you.
    i love you beyond belief.
    and it's YOU who's so inspiring and amazing and wonderful and perfect [totally not our dorky friend who thinks he loves you kind of way].
    and i can't even.
    mind is just blown.
    YOU'RE everything I'M not and everything i wanted to be, TD. seriously.

    brb, off to cry now.

  2. okay back.

    i could never write anything like this for you, ever. can't even capture a small fraction of what you just did in this piece. but i'm going to be a fool and try anyway.

    because, goddamn, i love this so much.
    and you.

  3. A wonderful tribute. Juniper really is amazing..but you are both amazing and such beautiful charmers and make me fly so high <3 sigh...If only there were really sucubi :D


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