Goodbye forever.

i'm tired of waiting--

counting coffee stains on checkered tablecloth 
(red and white never goes out of fashion, 
but you knew nothing about fashion.)
watching my own reflection on empty beer bottles
(you've always liked Heineken,
so i've always liked Heineken.) 
and watching the hour hand wash across numbers
(Damn thing's broken now anyway.)

it's time to let go.


  1. i think this is wonderful and wonder if awareness can bring a happy ending and to what degree acceptance can be a denial of the self . are apathy and awareness at odss when there exists a sense of having to keep re creating oneself and the art of presupposal

  2. you've always liked Heineken,
    so i've always liked Heineken.

    for me, somehow, those are some powerful words, despite it's simplicity. or maybe, because of it's simplicity.



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