Line dancing.

I'm treading lightly on the in-between
balancing on the thin edge of reality and fantasy
and once in a while i step on a crack.

Catch me if I fall?


  1. the ide of relity seems overrated. because movement only happens in time here how ca anything be real? I have neber gote a satisfying answer and i dont think id care if i did, one (of many)of my poblems is that I dont mind being bored and that i can get feel sometimes...but i can also feel goo for no reason.Lately i have ben questioning how fnny it is that people say not to jude people.I agree but then nobody would talk orlistn o each other. so instead we should judge each other because that is all we do. The selfishness is part of beinfg human and being selfish is all anyone can be because we are individuals. its possible that if two people really fall in love, not just sexual or 'beauty' love but spiritual(realor perceived doesnt matterimo) then some of that might fall away. I hope i fin out someday if that is true. Im not talking about sex family oligation responsibility children at all, i just mean getting away from just yourself partially if even to just experience whether it is possible.
    I sorry for blabbling ...

  2. sorry for the typing im on a tiny keyboard,i meant:
    "sometimes I can feel sad but i can also feel good for no reason" :)

  3. i'm glad you didnt ask for commrents to make sense or be gramatically correct. ( or did you?) Everyone is different and I respect that. your poem is really nice. I dont know I left a weird comment but i was going to delete it and thought that would be weird to0

  4. Oh please, thank you so much for your insightful and deep comment. I agree with you a hundred person. Reality is overrated, and so is fantasy.
    And haha no, I don't ask for your comments to be correct grammatically. All I ask for is your thoughts, and you've given them to me. Thank you xx

  5. oh ok...it's hard to be sure of anything online :)


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