Time Lapse.

his fingers lightly waltzes across your caramel skin, soyoungsoyoungso young
he bites his bottom lip, the lips you've always known and ice blue pierces your own henna brown with an underlying question, the question you've been waiting for all these years thumbing through history textbooks, pretending to read the words when all you're doing is hiding the fact that it's his face you're studying and finally, finally, you're free to take him (down to his purple ties) and to succumb to the desire that's burnt the edges of your heart all this time.

"yes," you hiss. "goddammityes"

there's no more hesitation as his eyes read the fire behind yours and you can feel the heat of his skin penetrate into yours, his love sinking into your pores and your lips as he embraces you into the warmth, the home of his chest--where you finally, finally, get to be.

"ive always loved you....always, sir."
"i know."

(dedicated to Juniper)


  1. thank you, so much.

    i can't believe i didn't notice this.

    thank you; it means a lot to me that someone gets it.

    i love [him] you.

  2. haha, i just noticed how you refer to my eyes as henna as well. very sly of you, indeed.


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