Letter 04: Your Sibling

"it's beautiful isn't it?"
"yes, it is."

Dear You,

what happened to those days where we would frolic amongst the greenery in an innocence almost unreal--sought after, yearned for? what happened to those days where you would grasp my hand and with your own finger, trace the patterns and secrets of the world around me? what happened to those days where your voice would sing me to sleep, shout at me for breaking your toys and tremble with fear as you reveal to me all the secrets kept within? what happened to those days when I could look up at you, see the love shine from those eyes (so very like mine) and grin toothily, just knowing, knowing that you'd smile back.

what happened to us, brother,
what happened to love?
fatherly blood runs through our veins
mothers blood is the bar we cannot pass

it's not our fault we have different mothers

now your warm eyes have turned to winter ice
and you no longer smile back

Your not-quite-sister

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