It's a start.

i love .simplicity.

the smell of the air in the morning, the way the sunlight feels on my bare skin, the feeling of my sheets in between my thighs, the softness of the pillows around me, the warmth of satin and silk wrapped around my chest. the way my phone vibrates and I know that it's you. it's always you.

[ b r e a k ]

the way you say my name, syllables rolling off your tongue like the waves of pacific ocean, bluebluebluepiano like the way you hold yourself; the way you hold me, even for just split seconds in your arms. the way you tell me you wantmesobadly, lovemesobadly and the way you just make me smile--always, without fail. the way you say that you want me to focus on you and you only.

the way my heart beats around you
can you hear it?

"i think...
i'm starting to..."

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