Down to Camelot.

and i'm crippled by the earth of your eyes
watch the fog and mirrors thrown around us
m i s t 
like your lips, like your whispers, like your 
it might be nice--you know?
to feel something?
and there is me
[all fragmented and broken--just the way you like it]

and you're the lancelot to my tragedy,
cracked and gilded as my heart--initials carved in stone
letters intertwining youmeus 

maybe this tragedy will end happilyeverafter.
do you hear their thunderous applause?
c u r t a i n . c a l l 

[Author's note: i believe that abstract writing does not agree with me. hmm..]

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  1. Abstract writing doesn't even agree with itself - maybe it's not meant to... But I like it very much. Your words are fragments of emotions woven together until each word and thought nods knowingly to each other, smiles and gets close enough to become one item - just like the two characters in your story. Perfect, and very lovely


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