you spoke and, 
my heart fell out of my chest
and kissed the ground

"  c  h  e  a  p  "

but my love for you comes without a price


  1. I admire the sensuality in many of your posts.sometimes when i try to express such feelingsit comes out flat there seem to be so many kinds of love that it confuses me but maybe thats good for writing that it is confusing

  2. The title is irony at it's finest. You're a stranger to gravity, yet you write about gravity. I like it.

  3. Rivercat: Your writing is equally beautiful, equally captivating. :) And yes, love is very different in cirumstances, but beautiful and so painful all the same.

    Chloe: You're the first to notice that :P Thank you, and yes irony is fabulous.

  4. I always like to appreciate the proper use of irony. Some people just don't understand it, and somehow correcting them on it doesn't really ever help.


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