Stockinged heart.

Rip my fragile veil to shreds baby,

I want you to

it's not going to last much longer anyway...
not with you constantly peeking through the gaps

"stop looking right through me okay?"


  1. Lost for Words

    He had always sought solace in words and he prided himself on his pitch-perfect perspicacity. Whatever the situation, whatever the need, he found the phrase and threw it out with the alacrity of a boy attending a ticker-tape parade for a returning hero... but then he met her...

    What was it about her that drew him so very close to the edge of his own private precipice? Yes she was beautiful - a flawless porcelain doll and he knew enough about himself to not deny his feelings of animal lust whenever she stood close, but it was more than this...

    She was the artist he would never be and he longed to see the world through her eyes.

    The first time he saw her painting his heart skipped a beat as her brush nonchalantly glided over the canvas. With effortless ease she caressed the closely woven cloth... and even then he wished for those same delicate fingers to run through his hair as she rested her head against his in perfect repose...

    But when he talked to her, he was suddenly struck dumb, breathless pause followed breathless pause. Did she notice that after she looked into his eyes for the first time, he was forced to look away for fear she would see into his very soul? Did she sense his longing?

    What he felt when he glanced at her raven dark eyes came from deep within. He became something different with her near, something unfathomable, but he was suddenly more than a collection of broken parts.

    There friendship grew despite his superego telling him to run, but he knew in his heart that the only gift he would ever give her, would be his silence...

  2. That's beautiful.. :) You should really start your own writing. Your muse must be absolutely beautiful.

  3. sometimes she thinks she is... I only wish I could tell her that I always do and always will... :)

  4. that's really sweet. I wish you all the best in chasing after her. Question--where are you from? Your literary skills are quite astonishing.

  5. Thank you so much :) As for your other thoughts - Irony can be both delicious and sad at the same time don't you think?

    Don't be annoyed by my evasiveness to your questions. I want to tell you more really I do, but for now...

    Can we continue to write? I would like that.

  6. lookingglass:

    your words are awe-inspiring and i am looking forward to a word-off between you and ma belle, thedreamer.

    i can't help but beg you to make a blog, because your words deserve to be heard.

    all the luck in the world.

    and thedreamer, as per usual, i love your pieces. those stockings look v.familiar to a pair i have at home.

  7. Irony is definitely something i tend to enroll myself into.

    I'm not annoyed. I guess I understand. Animosity is a thing amongst us all.. of course. However, you sound like someone who knows my real identity. If you are right, i beg of you to keep your lips sealed.

    Of course, let us write. I am excited to cross pens with you. Your words inspire me to no end. I only wish to be able to write as skillfully as you can.

  8. Juniper - I am honestly touched by your compliments. Thanks so very much! I will continue to write!

    The Dreamer
    I do hope you meant anonymity rather than animosity which isn't half as nice! :P

    Lips remain sealed, stockings will be restitched (metaphorically speaking), and pens are paused ready to be crossed. To you I offer the first thrust :)

  9. Yes I meant anonymity. Forgive me, my spellcheck tends to disagree with me at times.

    And haha restitched? I don't think so :)

  10. lookingglass:
    anonymity makes it easier to tell the truth, and trust me when i say i speak nothing but it to you.

    i do hope you and thedreamer won't cross pens too often; collaborations between the two of you would be...monumental and spectacular indeed.

    do you know her? :O

    also...@ thedreamer: i think i owe you two more pieces. i need to find the words again. x


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