A disease.

Don't think there won't be consequences
because honey, you're gonna get crushed with them.

I am so, so, SO very sick of this. You act as though you don't give a care in the world when you pull people into your shit. Deal with your crap. Stop involving other people into it. Stop going around thinking that you have your foot on the world and you don't have consequences. For once, buck up the fact that he doesn't want you back.

Not everyone wants you--so stop acting as though just because he doesn't want you back, he's rubbish. He's human as well and a nice guy. Plus, with a personality like that, sometimes I wonder why people do want you. And just because you can't have him, you create drama and spout bullshit that makes it so that no one can have him. You just want everyone to like you, don't you?

I can see through your fake laughs, you're stupid facebook statuses and the way you keep making snide little comments to bring people down. If you didn't like him at all, then why do you keep bringing him up? Why do you keep saying you don't care about him repeatedly? Why do you keep acting as though I want him? The world doesn't revolve around you sweetie, so grow up. Stop trying to act all fake. I can see right through you, remember?

So seriously, just stop.
I don't have the time to deal with your shit.

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