She dreams.

She dreams of you.

She dreams of midnight walks along the shadowed banks where the moon ripples gently in the ever-changing waters. She dreams of awkward silences, fingertips brushing against each other hesitantly--wondering, searching for the warmth of each other. She dreams of locked eyes, the beating of her heart in her ears, the way your voice would whisper countless, no, endless promises and dreams. She dreams of the way your dry sarcasm and wry humour would make her smile--just a little before she gives in to full out laughter. She dreams of your hand brushing her cheek, soft skin upon soft skin, the tips of your fingers making crossroads. She dreams of your onyx eyes, boring into hers, gazing into the corners of her soul. She dreams of your warm breath near her jawline, as you slowly and fearfully move closer to her lips. She dreams of your gentle mouth encasing hers, wrapping up her fears and lust-torn desires in a blanket of serenity.

She dreams of happiness.


  1. Such a beautful piece of writing... so full of warmth, love and gentleness. Reading it felt like being wrapped in the softest velvet. It's a strange feeling to envy the subject of someone else's dream

  2. Thank you so much. I'm glad you like haha. It's really just a flow of thought, no creativity at all :)

  3. People can drown in flows of thought. I can't think of anything more creative :)


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