No more tears.

She's screaming your name.
It's not like you don't notice that desperate cry
She sees the way your eyelids flicker nervously and the way your lips--the very same lips you used to kiss her goodbye--tremble with pain.

"Don't go! We can work this out! It's not supposed to happen like this!"'

You breathe in shakily, your breath haggard and your chest burning. She lets out a sob and you squeeze your eyes closed, as if it would shut out that painful, painful sound.

"It doesn't have to end like this. We can fight them."

A tear drips down your cheek as you clutch your fist tightly.
Her pretty lips whisper, almost inaudibly.

"I...I love you."

She tries one more time


And you walk away,
trying not to hear the sound of her heart breaking
because yours is just about to.

(Author's note: This is a little  dramatized extract because I love that sort of thing. Heh. My life isn't exactly glittering rainbows at the moment and since my feelings reflect on my words, this kind of thing happens)

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