I'm still waiting

"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone..."

He looks at her; her flaxen, golden hair that
 shines like the ever-burning sun [1]
She looks at him; his turquoise eyes as
deep and cold as the pacific waves [2]
He tries a smile;she laughs breathlessly--
her petite frame shaking in laughter [3]
He wants to protect that girl; that beautiful,
feminine girl who lit a fire in his heart [4]

And in this fairytale, you are trying to steal the princess role,
when you're really just the witch trying to get in between them [5]

"I'll be waiting, all that's left to do is run..."

[1] my own mud-coloured locks are little to be proud of
[2] those eyes that washed me ashore
[3] whereas I have nothing but an expanse of sickening flesh
[4]and I tried to douse the flames
[5] It's not fair.

I was here first.

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