i hate friends with benefits.


despicable, disgusting, flirtatious you.
if you asked me if i'd do it all over again, 
i'd reply with a resounding "yes"

just to remember what it was that drew me to you
in the first place, what made me fall so hard,
and to tell myself that it's not worth it

because you
took the pieces of me and scattered them
across the soothing oceans

and now when i'm broken once again
you offer to pick me up from the unforgiving waves
and offer your sinful lips to heal my wounds

if you asked me if i'd do it all over again
i'd reply with a fearful "no"
because you've already dirtied me.


  1. The best feeling while reading is when you come across some lines written by someone you have never met, never seen and dont even know.. but yet his/her point of view seems the same as yours.. as if words have been taken out from your thoughts and written by someone else....
    And this is exactly what I felt while reading this :)


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