Never knew.

Would you still remember the way my eyes move,
firelight and starlight fluttering like moths,
and the way that my lips tasted of strawberries
in the midst of all the curling cigarette smoke,

the way your lips fit so perfectly in that little cavity
a pillow between my collarbone and neck,
my heartbeat pulsing and pushing against your tongue,
the way your fingers slide in so perfectly with mine

jigsaw-pieces stitched together with silver rings
numerals spinning with the tick of the stopwatch,
the way your breath rolled down my spine,
waves lapping up my thighs and rain with kisses

would you forget the whispers and sighs
the promises made every 11:11 the familiar tears
and would you remember the way my back arches
when you kiss me, the taste of clear spring water?


  1. great writing
    i would not forget that and i have a bad memory :)

  2. Oh this reminds me about my past love </3


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