i love you
in the way that i don't understand
i don't love you in the way others love you
but i do love you the way i love certain things

i love you as beauty is to be loved
in kind words, kind eyes, kind lips
there is beauty in your kindness
that i love

i love you as secrets are to be loved
in the shadows, corners, darkness of the soul
there are mysteries in your whispers
that i love

and i love you as lovers are to be loved
in whispers, sighs and pleasure
there is contentment in your warmth
that i love

but truthfully
i don't understand how to love
not in the way you love me
but in the way i love you

that i do, love.

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  1. awwww... *giggles*
    lovely post :) :)
    love is magical :)


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