you're the flatline I fear the most,
the one existence that causes everything to cease working,
the one to make my heart degenerate over and over again.

Why can't I stop thinking of you?
It's almost killing me.


  1. djfhkdjsh you must be psychic; i was just thinking about writing a similar piece. -shifty eyes-

    looooove this. <3

  2. this gave me an arrhythmia. really beautiful writing. I know the feeling
    the heart burns to ash and alls left is a brain on fire slowly dying <3

  3. When I get the heartbeat in sides of my throat like now, I have to keep telling myself I will learn and grow from this and mabye be born again after this love dies. Its not like its the first time but each time is worse as you get older.Dont you have to die first to be born again?.I hope you are doing ok...I miss your posts! <3


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