Cat's Eyes

Bright eyes; golden dust flecked in a sea of green, they watch you--all knowing,
bright eyes, they wash you with their warmth, always watching, always waiting,
when you laugh, scream or cry, they are always there,
bright eyes in a sea of silken fur,

a gentle warmth, always waiting, waiting for you.

("What is love?"
"Love is when a kitten comes to curl on your lap...
... even after you're ignored it the whole day.")


  1. Hi there! I don't always comment, but don't worry - I still read your posts. ;)

    Thank you. A belated merry Christmas to you, too!

  2. im a cat artist sometimes. Love this though even if I wasnt! I two cats and love them, but this is wonderful. I hae read it before but never commented.


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